Most of my scripts can be found below:

Force GPO Updates through Powershell on all computers - May 6, 2017

Get-ADComputer -filter * | foreach{ Invoke-GPUpdate -Computer $ -Force -RandomDelayInMinutes 0}

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Sonicwall Mobile Connect SSL VPN setup - March 25, 2017

   Running this script will Allow you to run the automatic setup & configuration of your Sonicwall Mobile Client through powershell.
The $VPNName variable is the name you want your connection to be named as.
The $ServerAddress variable is the address of your SSLVPN.
The $xml variable is the port used by your SSLVPN.


$sourceXml=New-Object System.Xml.XmlDocument
Add-VpnConnection -Name $VPNName -ServerAddress $ServerAddress -SplitTunneling $True -PluginApplicationID SonicWALL.MobileConnect_cw5n1h2txyewy -CustomConfiguration $sourceXml